I have many years of experience working with websites...starting long ago in DreamWeaver and now using WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, and Google Sites. I enjoy the complexity of boiling down with clients all of the essential pieces to communicate, and how to best accomplish that in a website.
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Here Now to Help
Ron Welsch, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, needed support with his digital presence. I built him a new website using WIX. The work included editing all of the content and reorganizing it for better flow, providing a portrait photo session, curating thematic photos, and establishing a new email. Facebook accounts were also updated to support the look and feel of the new website and to hold consistent messaging. Ongoing work will include keeping a social media schedule while editing/curating/posting blogs and FB posts. 
Taking a mountain of information, and helping to organize it, is some of my favorite work... and Ron helps make the work more fun & interesting!
Deana Downs Healing Arts
I'm a so happy to be working with Deana to help communicate her many talents. I helped to bring her outdated Wix website up-to-speed– a new template and design, incorporating her new logo (which I designed) and her own photography, and honing the copy and site's flow. I'm excited to also look at how Deana can connect more through social media and blogging. 
Spring Hill Community Farm
Designed and maintained three iterations of their website. The latest website is in Squarespace, where Mike and Patty felt they'd be best able to manage e-commerce. Previous version was in WordPress, and the first version was in DreamWeaver.
University of Florida Center for Spirituality and Health (UFCSH) 
Brought outdated website design into latest Wordpress Apollo 2 theme, which had been customized by UF to meet their needs. Worked alongside a UF support specialist, web services specialists, and two UFCSH advisors. Edited content for relevancy, consistency of tone and presentation. Researched/created additional content for improved relevancy. It was a joy working with this team! I'll be continuing with updates to this site and hope to work on similar projects with other departments at UF.
A variety of websites for non-profit grass root organizations, and small and mid-sized businesses
Links to other sites that are currently live:
​​​​​​​Family Learning Center (Googlesites) Collaborated on design & maintain
Florin Cultural Resource Services (Googlesites) Designed
Hay River Transition Initiative (Googlesites) Designed

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