A combination of moving meditation, soul-stirring music, self-expression, and sweat. Dance for around 45 min. in a free-form style that makes room for every person to respond in their own way…yoga, walking meditation, vocalizing, internal exploration, playful partnering; everyone making room for everyone else. The only expectation is that you own your experience and remain sensitive to others’ desire to interact or not.
The playlist starts and ends in a meditative state. There are often a couple of earthy songs in the mix to ground us with drums or nature-inspired lyrics, and the middle songs are chaotic and driving.
I’ve experienced these dances as movement through emotional responses to music that help loosen up places that feel stuck…within a supportive community that’s open to all genders, abilities, and ages. (Please know song lyrics may occasionally be explicit and we do hold relative stillness and quiet for parts of the experience).
Bring a water bottle and wear clothing that allows you to move freely and layer as needed. Invite friends. The more energy we create together, the more powerful our dance can be!
Gatherings are held at the Family Learning Center in Menomonie
Visit the FB page for scheduling or email me.
2023 Playlists
2019 Playlists
In 2018 we gathered for dance 24 times! (here are the playlists)
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