This annual event is often a highlight of the year for me. It brings the whole community together and helps to spread knowledge about a way of life that supports sustainability and connection to the land we live on. 
For its 10th anniversary, I created and applied branding to all aspects of this 100% volunteer-organized event. Served on the planning committee and was part of a 2-person team to develop a sponsorship program- helping to support future community projects.
• • •
New logos designed to help brand this event on its 10th anniversary. Applied to posters that will be sold to raise funds for future community projects​​​​​​​
Social media support through updating website with new logo design, header for Facebook group page and Facebook event page, Facebook posting graphic, and graphics for Square. 
Design of 1/4 page and full page newspaper ads, legal sized poster and 8-page bulletin to be distributed at event.
Forms designed to facilitate a new sponsorship program and help in organizing a local vendor fair that takes place during the event.
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