I deeply enjoy the conversations that help develop logos representing what is most essential about who my clients are, and what they do. These heart-to-hearts can be fun, inspiring, and connective. We often start with an explorative discussion, proceed to three rough concepts, deepen the development of a chosen concept, and complete the project with delivery in versions and formats that meet client needs. I'm also perfectly happy diving right in when clients already know what they want.
• • •
A music teacher starting a new business in Menomonie hired me to create her logo. She named her business after the many seedlings found every year in her lawn. I like that the maple seed has the shape of a musical note in it, and that a sprouting seed speaks to opportunities for growth.
Midwest Wild Harvest Festival had a limited budget, and a great logo template I purchased from Heritage Type helped save time and money. The client wanted Sochan featured, so I compiled source images to form the foundation for making floral elements in Adobe Illustrator. They'll be using the logo on their website, tshirts, and tote bags. 
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