I really enjoy designing labels! If you have a project or product that would shine with labeling, please contact me for a conversation and estimate (free). I'm comfortable designing within DATCP labeling regulations.
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WildWoods Orchard wanted to upgrade the look of their hand-harvested jams and jellies. These labels started with my illustrations of the gorgeous plants that grow such bounty.
WildWoods Orchard also wanted an upgrade on the look of their syrups. The birch label was started with a direct scan of birch bark I collected in the woods nearby. The maple label began with my illustration of maple branches and leaves. These were designed to accommodate a variety of sizes.
A bumper crop of grapes provided more than we needed for jelly and juice, so I decided to give wine-making a try. It was a success! This design was started with a photograph of the same grapevines that grow the grapes...after they were pruned and soaking in the bathtub for making wreaths.
Jerusalem artichokes are easy to grow, but not so easy to digest (hence the moniker "fartichokes"). I found lacto-fermentation fixed the problem and does a fabulous job preserving them till next year's crop is in. This design was started with a pattern design in Illustrator that mimics vintage fabrics I so love. The old fashioned font is Blackriver by Heritage Type Co.
A friend in California wanted a simple, classy logo with gold foil for a hydrosol to be sold in pretty amber bottles. The label was printed using textural ink for the leaf veins, a rich matte black, and spot varnish for everything that's gold.
Our garden has been home to spearmint, peppermint, and lemon balm for over a decade. Those herbs are dried and packaged in our kitchen. This year I found some nice tins and unbleached cotton bags to sweeten the deal. This design started with photographs of the plants in the garden. The old fashioned font is Blackriver by Heritage Type Co.
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