I had the good fortune of connecting with Adam through some volunteer work we were doing together. He and his wife Karen (the Executive Director of Benton Habitat for Humanity in Corvallis, Oregon) have been taking me on to support Habitat's communications in their region. Habitat has well established branding guidelines, and working within that framework presents fun challenges.
• • •
I really enjoy puzzling newsletter pieces together in a way that communicates clearly, catches the eye, and follows branding...and Adam and Karen are just plain great to work with.
Newsletter design to be used now and into the future.
30th Anniversary logo design for Benton, Oregon Habitat for Humanity. They wanted it to incorporate with the existing logo, keeping in mind this could be used on envelopes and on large banners. Created in Adobe Illustrator for scalability.
32 page white paper for the Executive Director of Benton Habitat for Humanity in Corvallis, Oregon. Designed to meet Habitat for Humanity's branding guidelines and be produced on in-house office printers.
Mailers going out to Habitat supporters in Oregon.
Sponsorship hand-out for printing in-house.
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