Working with Sue & Allen is so much fun. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in them! Gardening is something that bring me a lot of joy, and helping get the word out about fabulous local growers feels so very right.
• • •
Supported Good Root Growers in the launch of their 2021 greenhouse season. Revised their logo to have a square footprint and reinforce simplicity. Created a color ad to run in our local newspaper. Advised on website content, updated Wordpress site with new logo, and curated photos for slideshows to help illustrate the variety of plants for sale. Updated Facebook page with new logo, created a post using this year's ad design, and boosted it in order to reach more people within 40 miles of the greenhouse. Created large yard signs as reminders and to provide directions. Sue and Allen are gems in our community. Be sure to visit their greenhouse if you're in the area!
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